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Dreaming of Moving to Ireland?
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Irish Notes

I've put up sites for Irish folks that might interest you.

Guide to Thatching - Loads of Photos

Irish Landscapes & Myths - The Art of Fergus Lyons

Dublin Holidays - Number 31, the most acclaimed accommodation in Dublin & a guide to Odd Dublin Art.

Dublin Airport Accommodation AND Equestrian Holidays - Horses and Country Life Very Close to the Airport.




You Can Do It!

This is me in the Dungarvan St. Patrick's Day Parade waving to friends. Tickled green I was to be included.My wife and I schemed for fourteen years before we made the big move. We thought we knew what we were doing.

But, it turned out we knew diddly about building a house the Irish way (19 months!). Or the huge expense of baby aspirin. Or how we could have saved hundreds on car insurance if we'd brought a key document.

We wondered about bringing over a left hand drive car but didn't know if it could be insured. We didn't know about the universal child benefit payments. I wasn't aware of the Irish medical system, work permits, residency permits.... You get the idea.

Even though my wife was born and raised in Ireland, we weren't sure about a lot of things. That's why I put up this site. It began as a hobby but it grew to tens of thousands of words. Updates began to consume an ever larger share of my life and I finally had to put a cost to it.

You can judge from the freely available material the benefits of this site to you. I constantly receive thanks from people for the information provided. I think it's worth the charge. The information here will save you many, many times that amount of money and hassle. You get the benefit of the research for hundreds of folks who have come here before you. And, if there's something not covered, an email from a subscriber gets a personal answer. Your individual questions hopefully get answered.

Your credit card info is safe because I use the highly regarded firm of Kagi to process transactions. If you're not satisfied, I will refund your money. (I've had to do this six times which is not bad for thousands of subscribers.) I run a VAT registered Irish company which is subject to strict accounting regulations - for whatever that's worth these days.

I held the $30 price from 1997 to 2005. But, the incredible shrinking dollar finally forced my hand. The price has now risen to $45. However, this site really will save you time, hassle and yes - money.

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Note: Photos in this site are by myself and various professionals.

Get your head and your raingear ready to Move To Ireland!


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